Safety Found in Yuca Plant

Finally a solution has been found for the overabundance of plastic water bottles and plastic bags in landfill sites, and it emanates from Indonesia. Apparently researchers there have come up with a material that looks and feels like plastic, however it is made from the Yuca plant. This material is biodegradable, harmless to animals and can even be dissolved in water and consumed safely by humans.
Now of course, this leads us to think about the possibilities. You know, condoms, sex toys, stimulators and such! That is, if they can be made not to dissolve too rapidly, but still offer reliability. Of much advantage would be the ability to consume these. Think of a scenario where police would come upon a couple in the act of doing it in the car for instance. Police man, “What have you got in your mouth?” Man, “Just gum officer”. Officer, “Let me see that.” Man, “Sorry, I just swallowed it.” Well, as you can see, so much for that investigation! Imagine how much more inviting the use of “covers” would be if we could rest assured that the disposal of same would not wind up in landfills, lakes and rivers. Woman, “Are you going to use a condom?” Man, “Oh don’t worry, it’s biodegradable”. Woman, “Right, forget it!” And so, as with all things, there could be some drawbacks!
One is led to ponder the inevitability of Murphy’s Law kicking in. If these Yuca replacement plastic bags are biodegradable, how can they be relied upon to hold liquids? Now I hope I’m not being too skeptical myself, in wondering about that. I see myself carrying my bags of milk home, and wearing it all. Let alone the disappointment of having my partner refuse to have sex, with a Yuca based condom. So, as I see it, there needs to be much more work done on this invention, before it can be intertwined into everyday usage.
Come by often, as I will surly update this very interesting and indeed very delicate subject in future.